Natural Childbirth Exercises

Do You Want to Have the Best Birth Ever?
It s a question that every mother-to-be … whether she is a first time mother or has had previous births … desires. You hare nine months to make that happen.?

Within Natural Childbirth Exercises, you will learn how to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the big event of birth?

The Concrete Killing Fields

Gripping and gnawing; fascinating and funny; mesmerizing yet motivating!
Have you ever wondered … Why we still have so many homeless people on the streets? Why so many people with mental illness, homeless or not, are in jails or prisons? Why so many people are such strong supporters of President Bill Clinton, and/or Hillary?

You need to wonder no longer. Pat Morgan has the answers. With her gift of story-telling, deep sense of compassion, and rich Southern sense of humor, Pat Morgan takes you on a ride … a kaleidoscope of adventures that few ever experience.

Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers

Authoring and Writing Can Be a Lonely Number
Could you use a pick-me-up? A bit of inspiration or silliness? How about something to chew on or get you unstuck? In Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers, you will find all that and more.
Author Judith Briles favorite advice over the years to her many author clients is included … think and write snappy, sassy and salty and surround yourself with cheerleaders for your vision, not distractors.

Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms

Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms is intended to design the infrastructure for the author’s book success. It is an interactive instruction manual to train aspiring authors (and revisiting ones) into creating a successful book plane; acquire the time and money to accomplish the project; identify the appropriate publishing venue for the project; arrange for the time and space to craft their books; utilizing Internet and social media resources; avoid publishing predators and scam artists; and master the factors for creating a successful book launch.

The Missing Piece in Leadership

“New results require new thinking. The Missing Piece in Leadership is a shift from the ‘way it’s always been done’ to a ‘what’s possible?’ mindset that creates an endless well of options and opportunities. Krug helps people discard previous conditioning and reconnect with their innate leadership abilities.” Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust What if everything you ve learned about how to manage people is wrong? The Missing Piece in Leadership invites you to set aside your best practices and start asking the right questions about your role as a leader.

The Princess Golf Handbook

It’s better to look good than to be good! is the core philosophy of the Princess Golfer. As women know, the object of the game of golf is to put a ridiculously small ball into a ridiculously small hole in the ground. A hole that is something a little closer to the size of a laundry basket might help the game immensely. Humorous speaker Bobbi Boldon has created a delightful gem of a book with 50 Rules of Golf. Divided into four sections: The Core Philosophy of Princess Golf; Princess Golf Terms, Princess Golf Etiquette and the Rules of Princess Golf.

Have You Ever Held a Mountain?

Mountains have been symbolic since the beginning of time. Our imagination has always given life to their presence. We name them, even feature them in our history and our lives. John Maling has created a poem about and around the life of a mountain that touches the very life that bursts from its core to the inhabitants and majestic surroundings. Each line resonates with the spectacular photography taken by Grant Collier and John Maling. 32 inspiring and thoughtful lines enable the reader to climb with the author and photographers from the opening of the poem …

Failure is Not an Option

Is Your Company Drowning? When you want your company to rebound from a downturn; to fly to greater heights; and to achieve success, Failure is Not An Option is the Operating Handbook to get you to your destination. It identifies the flight plan for you and your team to navigate the corporate hazards and keep you aloft.

Stabotage!: How to Deal with the Pit Bulls…

Every workplace has them—the pit bulls that hide behind lipstick and designer clothes; snakes who flick their abrasive tongues and voice at any and all; the scorpions who sting with a slap of their heavy backhand; the skunks that seem innocent until you get in their space; and the slugs … those who are “just there” and breathing, barely.

Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace

Is there more conflict in the workplace? Has undermining and sabotage increased in health care? The answer is yes to both questions. In Judith Briles’ latest book on the health care workplace, 1670 women and men responded to the nationwide survey–39% of the respondents were in management, 61% staff.

The Confidence Factor

Judith Briles encourages you to be the person you want to be–not the one someone else thought you should be. In her friendly and personal writing style, she delivers the 10 Steps to Building Confidence. Steps that will provide the core ingredients for improving who and what you are.

Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back

Self-Sabotage impacts everyone at some time. It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful and confident person today. There are times–hours, days, weeks, months, even years–when forces come together and create havoc in your life. By recognizing your own traps and self-sabotaging techniques and behaviors, you can create the right antidote to counteract and Zap self-sabotaging traits and behaviors.

Money $marts for Turbulent Times

The average working person spends over 10,000 days making money. How many days are you willing to commit to keeping some of it … and better yet, making it grow? Would you be willing to commit to 30? In just 30-days, you will be on the road to financial independence. And breathing and sleeping better.

About Mile High Press

Judith Briles’ aha moment came when one of her speaking clients called to request 1,000 copies of one of her books and wanted know if there would be a discount. Now, authors love orders, especially big ones and she was no exception. Judith immediately said, “Yes, I can arrange with the publisher some kind of discount and will get back to you.”


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