About Mile High Press

Judith Briles’ aha moment came when one of her speaking clients called to request 1,000 copies of one of her books and wanted know if there would be a discount. Now, authors love orders, especially big ones and she was no exception. Judith immediately said, “Yes, I can arrange with the publisher some kind of discount and will get back to you.”

Hanging up the phone, she knew there weren’t 1,000 copies available—in fact, too her knowledge, there was about 60. Just taking back the rights, she started to scramble on the phone. She figured she had nine weeks max to get 1,000 copies in her hands—if all she had to do was print the PDFs, no big deal. But there was more. Smart Money Moves for Kids needed to be revised and updated; a new cover had to be designed; she had to find someone who knew how to design the interior and, oh yes, a printer.

After two amazing days of phone calls, she found the cover designer, the interior designer and the printer. The cover designer went on to do five over books before retiring; the interior designer does all of Mile High Press’ books now; and she would never use the original printer again.

When she determined the overall cost per book, she made the call to the client and negotiated an amount that would produce 2,000 books—1,000 for the client and 1,000 for her. Mile High Press was born in 2000. And so was Judith’s wakeup call. She dug in and learned the publishing business. With her marketing savvy, all of Mile High Press’ books have enjoyed multiple printings; have a major distributor relationship and foreign rights success.

Mile High Press is located in Aurora, Colorado—some people used to call it Saudi Aurora because they thought it was so far removed from Denver (the cities abut!), but Aurora fooled them, ranking #3 in city size in the great state of Colorado.

Mile High Press is a small, independent press that’s been around for over a decade. Starting with Judith’s books, it now publishes other non-fiction books by authors who know their niche, have a vision, a lot of passion and a platform. Celebrity books aren’t our thing and if we publish another, it’s in a partnering format. Our paper books are unique in that they always have flaps—we think they look spiffy, our authors love them and so do book owners.

We ship most orders within 24 hours except for weekends and holidays.

Mile High Press, Ltd.
PO Box 460880
Aurora, CO 80046

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